by Sacha Bernardson

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Credits: Quentin Gendrot: Cello . Jean Grillet: Guitars
Keyboards, programming: Sacha Bernardson
Words & Music: Sacha Bernardson
Choir: Claire Hazoume, Mélina Ibanez, Louise Rousseau,
Stephane Peyré, Quentin Gendrot, Agnes la Goulue, Florent Mateo,
Carolina Carmona, Mathieu Grenier, Adélie Sale & Valérie,
Anaelle Charrière-Beurier, Romain Brunet, Bérénice Pouplet-odin,
Victor Moïse, Florence Ruitz, Jane Brizard, and Ryan McNeely
The first version of Backpack have been realized the 21rst march 2011
under the name «Backpack Demo», I wanted to put all this track in a bigger album,
But after few works and time, it became clear that Backpack has born an album.
So I took all the old mixes and made new ones from my little home-studio
in Reykjavik, the vocals was so dammaged, but technology are definitly magic.
I’m very happy to ear this songs finaly sounding clear and bright.

Backpack are this little boxe, containing my roots, my friends, it feels like a snail.
My home on my back, I’m never alone.

For this true beauty
for this elegency


released March 21, 2011

Music, lyrics, production and arrangements by Sacha Bernardson


all rights reserved



Sacha Bernardson Iceland

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Track Name: Neon Nylon
Neon Nylon

On the top of a tree
The matter speaks to me
Teaches me fear
and how to disappear
On the top of a tree
The wood turn into neon nylon
The ground becomes glowing

* (I want to) Howling your name
between death and the
Violence which came up in me
oh! wind it up !

On the top of a tree I cling ,
I lost my arms
I feel my hands bleeding on bark
On the top of a tree I shake my feelings
Don’t you dare look down
Don’t you dare to tell my fight

Track Name: Carelessness

The slivery’s rain, sometimes
Reveals "proud dead houses"
The taste from foam, sometimes
Reveal wisdom
For all worms
Who comes and visit
The inside of my mouth
For her true beauty
For this elegancy
I hope to be there

* Underneath the fray…
Full spirit 's bounce, free overlapping
Top, solar, wild No one escapes,
all over the wind

the Oldness of theories, sometimes
Teaches wonders
And stopping all thought, sometimes
Relieves all revenges
From carelessness to carelessness
Why a compass for aloneness?
For her true beauty
For this elegancy
I hope to be here


And if pending was a treasure
If we could guess real amount
Awakening exhaustion Irradiant's savagery
Light as the air Fascinated and unresolved
Bubbling, evolved
Broken and dissolved

Track Name: Le Pas
Le Pas

Ma tête est enclume
et toi le marteau
tu tapes le fer
et je deviens rouge
Le métal fume,
attends que j’assume
l’insolence, insuffisance
de tes mots
Je prends une douche
d’insultes de ta bouche
et j’accélère

Le pas de course,
Jusqu’à la source
du problème
Le problème, c’était toi

Tu anticipes mes phrases
Tu rectifies les bases
du coup partit jusqu’à l’envie de tuer
Méfie toi marteau,
prends soin de ta peau
d’un regard je la brûle
Connard de garde en moi
m’empêche de saisir
le fini futur de tes enfants

Le pas de course,
Jusqu’à la source du problème
Le problème, c’était toi
Track Name: L'étreinte

Un pied dessus,
Et la lune souple
Se dérobe sur le pâle
Le vide est court
Mes yeux tombent
Toujours sur toi…
N’efface pas La dérive…
Elle ne se plaint pas
Elle engage des histoires
Qui ne s’effacent pas…

Le jour est loin
Et partout
Sur moi
Quand tes bras me serrent…
Demain est loin
Et partout
Sur moi
Quand tes bras me serrent…

Epuisé du poids
Du froid des hommes,
Je contemple
Avec unique foi
L’étreinte de nos doigts

Je contemple

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